Hello, and thank you for visiting my little corner of the web! My name is Winston Rockwell, and I hope you enjoy what you find here. 

I have been involved in photography since the early 1980’s, when I purchased my first “serious” camera, a Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR. I shot some SCCA sports car rallies and air shows, and did some freelance work for a white-water rafting company in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada. In 2004, I joined the digital revolution, and now use high-end Canon digital SLRs  for my work. 

My images have appeared in newspapers and magazines, a calendar published by a local botanical garden, and on postcards and motivational posters, as well as gallery exhibits in the Seattle area and in other cities nationwide. In 2006, I was honored to have one of my photos printed in National Geographic Magazine. 

I am a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, and currently live in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. This area is rich with opportunities (in spite of the gloomy, rainy weather for half the year!), and offers an outdoor photographer a wide variety of environments. Within three or four hours’ drive from my home, I can be at the seashore, surrounded by sagebrush or rolling farmlands, in a rain forest, or high in the mountains. I find the beauty and variety of nature far more appealing than man-made subjects, and love to spend my free time capturing that beauty in my images. So please, feel free to browse my collection, and enjoy a little photographic tour of my corner of the world.

Thanks again for stopping by! 

Winston “Rocky” Rockwell
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